Henry Edmund Harvey Spencer-Cooper

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Captain (retired) Henry Edmund Harvey Spencer-Cooper, born Henry Edmund Harvey, M.V.O., Royal Navy (18 January, 1884 – 18 July, 1968) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Harvey changed his name by Royal License to Henry Edmund Harvey Spencer-Cooper in 1906.

Life & Career

Harvey entered H.M.S. Britannia with the highest marks of the sixty-six cadets of the September, 1898 intake term.

Harvey was promoted to Lieutenant on 18 April, 1905.

Spencer-Cooper was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander on 18 April, 1913.

Spencer-Cooper was promoted to Commander on 30 June, 1916.

Spencer-Cooper was placed on the Retired List at his own request on 15 July, 1922 and promoted to Captain (retired) on 18 January, 1929.

Spencer-Cooper was appointed in command of the armed merchant cruiser Dunnottar Castle on 2 September, 1939. On 3 October, Captain (retired) Charles Thomas Alexander Bunbury superseded him. On 25 October, however, Spencer-Cooper was again placed in command until Bunbury replaced him for the second time on 5 December.

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