Henry Bruce Wroughton

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Commander (retired) Henry Bruce Wroughton, Royal Navy (1 November, 1855 – 6 September, 1916) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Early Life & Career

Wroughton was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 10 August, 1881.

A Court Martial concluded on 2 September 1892 to resolve a charge that Captain Hulton and Lieutenant Wroughton had by negligence or by default hazarded the second class protected cruiser Forth. Hulton stressed in his defence that he had had no tidal charts in his possession in the event, and Wroughton claimed to have been weakened by internal haemorrhoids to such an extent that he had recently handed his duties to Lt. George Warrender for 48 hours.[1]

He was reported as "not temperate" in an 1893 evaluation.

Having recently spent much of his appointed time in Medea on the sick list, Wroughton was placed on the Retired List as unfit at the rank of Commander on 24 November, 1896.

Service Records


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