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The Harold Tennyson Memorial Prize was literary award presented each term to the Naval Cadet of the Third Term at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, who comes out first in an Examination in English Literature on the work of the great English Prose or Poetical Writers. These examination subjects from time to time included one or more poems of Lord Tennyson, who had founded the prize in 1917 in memory of his son, Acting Sub-Lieutenant The Hon. Harold Courtenay Tennyson, R.N., of the destroyer H.M.S. Viking who'd been killed in action on 29 January, 1916 when the ship was damaged by a mine in the Dover Straits.

The prize consisted of books, including the single volume edition of Lord Tennyson's complete works. It was funded by the interest on a sum of £230 of Government Stock held in trust by the Admiralty.


The recipients are denoted in Navy Lists by a [HT] after their name in the seniority lists. Presumably, the year of their award might be found on their Service Record.

Year Recipient Notes
YEAR Richard G. Tosswill
YEAR Evelyn H. Chavasse
YEAR Richard M. Favell
YEAR John W. Marshall
YEAR William E. C. Fairchild
YEAR Peter L. C. M. Lee
YEAR Walter R. Wells
YEAR George H. G. Crane
YEAR Edward B. Ashmore
YEAR Charles M. Michell[1]
YEAR Jeremy Sidgwick Engineering Officer
YEAR Peter Vivian Bouquet Engineering Officer
YEAR John James Spencer Watney Engineering Officer
YEAR John Martin Mitchell Engineering Officer
YEAR Pierce Thomas de la Garde Grissell Engineering Officer
YEAR William Hobden Wainwright Engineering Officer

A man named J. Waldron won this in 1923.[2]

R. E. Portlock won in mid-1924.[3]

J. H. Mills won it in 1948.[4]

E. P. Kemp won in April, 1953[5] and A. J. Goodenough won in August, 1953.[6]

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