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The first President was the fourth rate President, launched in 1829, which served as the Royal Naval Reserve's drill ship in the West India Docks from 1 April, 1862. In 1872 the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers were added. On 25 March, 1903 she was renamed Old President and sold on 7 July.

She was replaced as President by the renamed Gannet on 16 May, 1903, and was paid off as R.N.R. drill ship on 31 March, 1911, becoming the T.S. Mercury in October of that year.

The next President was the former Buzzard, which was renamed on 1 April, 1911. She was lent to the Marine Society on 23 January, 1918.[1]

President served as the accounting base for Admiralty-based personnel.


President I

This was an accounting base from 1918 to 1928.[1]


President II

This served as an accounting base for the Royal Naval Air Service at Dunkerque, Calais and Hendon from 1916.[1]


President III

President III was an accounting base from 1916 onwards. Men of the Royal Fleet Reserve, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and from 1918 Defensively Armed Mercant Ships were borne on her books.[1]


President IV

This was a London accounting base from 1918 to 1926 for the Admiral Commanding Coastguard and Reserves.[1]


President V

President V served as an accounting base from 1918 to 30 September, 1919 for anti-aircraft duties, R.N.R. ratings at the Admiralty, R.N.V.R., Prisoners of War, Armoured Car Squadron 20, Stratford Experimental Station, Officers and Men lent to the Royal Air Force. Books were transferred to Pembroke.[1]


President VI

Accounting base from 1918 to 1926.[1]



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