H.M.S. Peterel (1927)

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H.M.S. Peterel (1927)
Builder: Yarrow & Company
Launched: 18 Jul, 1927
Sunk: 8 Dec, 1941

H.M.S. Peterel was a river gunboat built for service in the Royal Navy in the 1920s.

There was an earlier ship of the same name, the destroyer Peterel, launched in 1899.


Peterel spent her career on the China Station, primarily plying the Yangtse River.

She commissioned at Hong Kong on 30 November, 1927.[1]

Peterel was lost to Japanese forces in close combat on 8 December, 1941 as she tried to stall for time to destroy secret materials. Lacking breech blocks for her 3-in guns, she fought back with small arms before sinking.


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