H.M.S. Pandora (1929)

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H.M.S. Pandora (1929)
Builder: Vickers, Barrow
Launched: 22 Aug, 1929
Commissioned: 23 May, 1930[1]
Sunk: 1 Apr, 1942
Fate: by Italian aircraft
H.M.S. Pandora was one of six Parthian Class submarines completed for the Royal Navy.


Commissioned at Barrow on 23 May, 1930.[2]

In late 1930, she collided with sister-sub Proteus near Gibraltar. They were repaired at Gibraltar for repair while two other sisters proceeded to the China Station.[3]

By early 1933, she was at the China Station,[4] and by mid-1934 if not earlier,[5] operating there with the Fourth Submarine Flotilla through at least mid-1937[6]

In 1934, her bell, inscribed with her name and perhaps her motto, was offered for sale to naval officers and others who might be interested, at a price between £1 and £5. Interested parties were to write the Director of Stores and were urged to include any special information which might convey the importance they attach to the bell, in light of the Admiralty's understanding that such items carry great sentimental value. Just why her bell would be offered for sale at this point in her career seems hard to explain.[7]


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