H.M.S. Orion at the Battle of Jutland

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Report of Proceedings

The Vice-Admiral Commanding, 2nd Battle Squadron.

(Through Rear-Admiral.)

3rd June 1916.  25

Report on Action of 31st May 1916.

V.A.'s Signal No. 1815 of 2nd June 1916.
The attached report on the Action of 31st May 1910 is submitted in accordance with the above-quoted signal.



P.M.   H.M.S. " Orion."

6.15. Deployed S.E. by E.
Trained on an enemy cruiser apparently of Kolberg class already on fire aft and stopped, steam escaping from funnels. Foremast shot away.
Range from foretop rangefinder, 12,400.
Did not open fire as blanked by a ship of the 1st Cruiser Squadron. Fire opened by other ships of the 2nd Division.
About this time one of the 1st Cruiser Squadron on starboard quarter blew up and totally disappeared.
6.20. Observed one of the Battle Cruisers heavily engaged before starboard beam. Ricochets falling near ship.
6.32. Sighted ship of Kaiser class bearing 105° green on slightly diverging course, range by rangefinder, 11,100 yards.
6.33. Opened fire by director. Fired four salvoes. First two short. Third over and fourth hit with 13,300 on sights. Large flames observed near enemy's after turrets when fourth salvo fell. Immediately after this, enemy lost sight of in spray and mist resulting from a short salvo from another ship.
6.37. Ceased fire, enemy out of sight.
7.00. Passed wreck of what appeared to be British battle cruiser, 3,000 on starboard side. Bow and Stern showing above water.
7.09. Sighted ship, apparently battle cruiser of Derfflinger class bearing (50° green, accompanied by a large number of destroyers approaching and then turning on approximately parallel course.
7.15. Opened fire by director on her. Range, 19,800. Fired six salvoes of which the last two were seen to straddle. Other ships of the 2nd Division also firing at same enemy.
Enemy turned away about the fourth salvo.
7.20. Ceased fire, enemy drawing out of range, and becoming indistinct.
7.21. Sighted enemy battleship (Markgraf or Kaiser class) coming out of smoke bearing green 98° on approximately parallel course, apparently the leading ship of a column, as others could be seen astern of her. Range by Foretop rangefinder, 14,800, but before director could be steadied on target ship, ship turned 4 points to port to follow 1st Division in avoiding a destroyer attack.
Enemy then lost sight of in the smoke from enemy destroyers advancing from head of column.
Fire not opened on enemy destroyers as own light cruisers and destroyers advanced and blanked the range.
No further enemy ships seen after this time.

Firing was by director throughout, and the control was carried out from aloft.

Details on fire control omitted from the Report as reproduced in the Official Despatches.

Director was invaluable.

There was no interference with spotting by the fire of other ships.

Details on fire control omitted from the Report as reproduced in the Official Despatches.

Number of rounds fired—51 A. P. Lyddite; accidents and delays—nil.

As the ship did not come under fire there are no other points calling for special mention.

Tracing is attached showing track of ship and of enemy's ships observed with times of events.