H.M.S. Oberon (1926)

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H.M.S. Oberon (1926)
Builder: Chatham Royal Dockyard
Laid down: 1924
Launched: 24 Sep, 1926
Commissioned: 25 Sep, 1926[1]
Broken up: 1945
H.M.S. Oberon was a prototype overseas submarine laid down in 1924 and completed in 1927 for evaluation as part of the post-war Royal Navy. A faster refinement resulted in the six-boat Odin class.


On 13 November 1925, Guy D'Oyly-Hughes was appointed to the O 1 while she was building.[2]

She was commissioned 4 August, 1927 for service with the Fifth Submarine Flotilla.[3] By early 1933, she was with the First Submarine Flotilla in the Mediterranean.[4]


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Submarine H.M.S. Oberon