H.M.S. Indomitable (1907)

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H.M.S. Indomitable (1907)
Pendant Number: 77 (1914)
75 (Jan 1918)
05 (Apr, 1918)[1]
Builder: Fairfield, Govan[2]
Laid down: 1 Mar, 1906[3]
Launched: 16 Mar, 1907[4]
Commissioned: 25 Jun, 1908[5]
Sold: 1 Dec, 1921[6]
Fate: Scrapped


Construction and Acceptance

When in December 1906 Indomitable's anchor and hawsepipe arrangements seemed problematic in mock-up, Lusitania was fitting out in Clydebank, and it was observed that she had a more elegant plan. It was mimicked for Inflexible and Indomitable.[7]

Construction Costs, pounds Sterling[8]
Hull and fittings 801,066
Propelling and Machinery 476,539
Hydraulics and Air Compressing 325,708
Gun mountings 12,979
Total 1,617,791

Navigational Equipment

The ship was one of seven which tested Willis and Robinson Electric Revolution Telegraphs. Testing was completed in late 1913.[9]


In July 1914, the ship was appropriated 42-foot motor launch No. 261, though the boat was not yet delivered from the contractor.[10]


Indomitable received the first sea-going Service Mark II radio set, and conducted range tests to Vernon while on her voyage to Quebec in 1908.[11]

Sometime before 1913, she may have also had a Type 3 Battleship Auxiliary set, but it was to be replaced by a Type 10 Cruiser Auxiliary set.[12]

Main Battery

Indomitable incorporated new turret training engines controlled by a single wheel which proved a great advance over earlier equipment. The new gear showed "marked reduction in throw-off and good control of starting, stopping and creep with little effort on the handwheel.[13]



In 1913, Indomitable was slated as part of the seventeen ship order to receive a director. It was fitted after December, 1915 and shortly before the Battle of Jutland,[14] as her first-ever test firing with it occurred on 23 May, 1916 and – while a success – its newness prompted the choice to not employ it at Jutland.[15]


In late 1913, the ship landed a Pattern 740 Zeiss stereo spotting telescope Mark II at Portsmouth in order to take on a Ross Pattern 873 model for a three-month comparative evaluation.[16]


Dates of appointment are provided when known.


Indomitable recommissioned at Chatham on 21 February 1912.[29]

She recommissioned at Sheerness on 10 February, 1914.[30]


Main article: H.M.S. Indomitable at the Battle of Jutland

Captain Francis W. Kennedy was in command. She expended 164 rounds of 12-in Lyddite.[31]


She paid off at the Nore on 31 March, 1920.[32]

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