H.M.S. Indefatigable at the Battle of Jutland

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H.M.S. Indefatigable fought at the Battle of Jutland as part of the Second Battle Cruiser Squadron. She was the first of three British battle cruisers to be lost there to catastrophic explosion of their cordite.

There was a terrific explosion, the guns went up in the air just like matchsticks — 12" guns they were — She began to settle down and within half a minute the ship turned right over and she was gone. I was thrown, I was about 180 foot up, you understand, and I was thrown well clear of the ship otherwise I would have been sucked under. When I came up, there was another fellow there name Green, Jimmy Green, I think it was, and we swam over, we got a piece of wood, he was on one end and I was on the other end. A couple of minutes afterwards some shells come over and Jim was minus his head, he went, so I was left on me lonesome.[1]

Farmer and an Able Seaman Elliott were rescued by the German destroyer S16.[2][Citation needed]

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