H.M.S. Hunter (1936)

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H.M.S. Hunter (1936)
Pendant Number: H35
Builder: Swan Hunter[1]
Launched: 25 Feb, 1936[2]
Commissioned: 30 Sep, 1936[3]
Sunk: 10 Apr, 1940[4]
H.M.S. Hunter was one of thirty-five "G","H" and "I" Class destroyers completed for the Royal Navy.


Upon her commissioning, Hunter was seemingly placed under the command of an engineering Lt. Cdr. and sent to Devonport. She left Portland for Gibraltar on 24 October, in company with destroyer Hostile, the first two ships of the class to be deployed to the Mediterranean.[5] They took up operations with the Second Destroyer Flotilla.

At 2.35pm on 13 May 1937, Hunter struck a mine near the port of Almeria, Spain. The damage caused the ship's bow to be submerged and a heavy list to starboard. There were eight men killed and over twenty wounded. Spanish warships lent support and aid, the destroyer Template:ES-Lazaga and six patrol craft coming to tow the stricken destroyer to the mole. The battleship Jaime I took on wounded British sailors.[6] The light cruiser H.M.S. Arethusa towed Hunter to Gibraltar, where she received temporary repairs. paying off into Dockyard Control at Gibraltar on 29 May, 1937.[7] She was later towed to Malta to receive more comprehensive repairs.

She commissioned at Malta on 18 October, 1938 under the command of Lt. Cdr. Alfred Charles Behague.[8]


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