H.M.S. Bonetta (1871)

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H.M.S. Bonetta (1871)
Builder: Rennie
Launched: 20 May, 1871[1]
Sold: 12 January, 1909[2]
H.M.S. Bonetta was one of twenty-four gunboats of the Ant class. She was sold before the First World War.


In 1903 she was serving as a tender to Defiance at Devonport.[3]

In July 1908 she was detailed to assist in efforts to salvage the wrecked second class protected cruiser Gladiator.[4]

She was sold out of service on 21 January, 1909 and became the civilian salvage vessel Disperser. She was lost off Whitby on 8 February, 1934 during a gale while being towed by the tugboat Trover with the loss of one member of the crew from injuries.[5][6]


Dates of appointment are provided when known.

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