H.M.S. Achilles (1905)

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H.M.S. Achilles (1905)
Pendant Number: 24 (1914)
00 (Jan 1918)
N.03 (Apr, 1918)[1]
Builder: Armstrong, Whitworth & Company, Elswick[2]
Ordered: 1903-04 Programme[3]
Laid down: 22 Feb, 1904[4]
Launched: 17 Jun, 1905[5]
Commissioned: 22 Apr, 1907[6]
Sold: 9 May, 1921[7]
Fate: to Ward, Briton Ferry[8]


On 19 March, 1907, Achilles was manned at Newcastle by a navigating party consisting of the nucleus crew of Andromeda and men from the Sheerness-Chatham barracks, numbering 333 officers and men in all, to begin her machinery acceptance trial.[9]

She was commissioned at Chatham on 22 April, 1907.[10]

Re-commissioned at Portsmouth on 16 June, 1911.[11]

She recommissioned at Portsmouth on 5 June, 1913.[12]

Achilles paid off at Portsmouth on 31 March, 1919.[13]


In October 1914, the ship was to be given 11 Pattern 1582 Electric Radiators to warm cabins whose stoves could not be used for heating them.[14]

An order for a design for a director system for Achilles was issued 22 February, 1915, and an order for its manufacture given 26 August, 1916. Priorities for director fittings were such that it was installed in October, 1918.[15]


In mid-1913, it was decided to purchase a Type 9 Cruiser Auxiliary set for her.[16]


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