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Commander (retired) Gustavus Humphry Yonge, (25 December, 1851 – 9 March, 1902) served in the Royal Navy. His middle name may have been "Humphrey".

Life & Career

Yonge ranked thirty-third of thirty-five candidates to receive first-class entrance to the H.M.S. Britannia intake term of March, 1864.

In 1872, Yonge was awarded the Royal Humane Society's Silver Medal for saving life from drowning.[1]

Yonge was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 7 October, 1874.[2]

In the Annual Manoeuvres of 1890, Yonge was appointed in command of the ex-tug and special service vessel H.M.S. Traveller, assigned to Fleet 2, which was playing the role of a Hostile Threat imperiling British trade routes.[3]

In 1891, he was working with a Coast Guard unit.[4]

Retired at own request 13 February, 1896.

See Also

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
George Drury
Captain of H.M.S. Traveller
22 Jul, 1890 – 3 Sep, 1890
Succeeded by
Richard A. Cathie


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