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The Graham Naval History Prize was given to the Naval Cadet of the 4th, 5th, or 6th Term at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, who obtained the highest place in a voluntary examination on a special book or period of Naval History. It consisted of books, instruments, accoutrements or other articles selected by the successful competitor, subject to the discretion of the Captain of the College.

The Prize was founded in 1909 by Lady Graham in memory of her husband, Admiral Sir William Graham, G.C.B., Captain of the training ship H.M.S. Britannia from 1874 – 1877.

The interest on a sum of £252 Government Stock, held upon Trust by the Admiralty was used to fund the annual awards.[1]


Unfortunately, there was no special mark allocated to this award, as was done with many others, to denote the winners in the Navy List. Unless I find newspaper stories or mention in Service Records, I am unlikely to be able to find any winners.

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