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Lieutenant-Commander (retired) Gerald Hugh Stapleton, (18 November, 1894 – ) served in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Stapleton's first ship was the battleship Colossus, appointed 15 September 1912. Captain Goodenough found his work "all VG [very good]", but his replacement Smith took some time to gain the same confidence. In July 1913, Smith rated Stapleton as "undeveloped", but by November noted that he was "improving".

Stapleton left the battleship on 6 May 1915 and spent four months in T.B. 7 and then three months in the destroyer Moorsom. On 24 December 1915, he joined the new battleship Revenge. He fought in her at the Battle of Jutland. On 15 February 1917 he was granted the acting rank of Lieutenant.

Stapleton was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 30 December, 1916.

From January 1918 he spent 2-3 months at Dolphin receiving instruction in submarines. He served in submarines K 12 and C 30 through October 1918. He then served four months in K 3 before spending a half year in L 7, ending in August, 1919. He was then placed in the battleship Ramillies.

In 1920, special reports were asked on his conduct and performance to address concern that he was not suitable for service in submarines. In April, Captain John Luce of Ramillies reported satisfactory conduct, but his remarks on ability are illegible. His future as a naval officer somewhat cloudy, Stapleton was retired at his own request with a gratuity on relief dated 28 October, 1920.

He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 30 December, 1924.

World War II

Stapleton was called to Ganges in August, 1939.

Stapleton was appointed to the depot ship H.M.S. Lucia on 11 August, 1942. He was elevated to command on 2 April, 1943 and commanded her through the end of the war.

He was released from service on 2 April 1946.

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