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The Gedge Medal and Prize was an annual award of a gold medal and books made to junior Supply Officers.


Paraphrasing the Navy List of 1957 very lightly, the members of the Royal Naval Accountant Officers' Dining Club subscribed a sum of £260 to institute the prize to be competed for annually by junior Supply Officers.

The award will take the form of a gold medal and a prize of books, the value of the latter being the sum remaining over from the annual interest after deducting the cost of the medal.

The medal commemorated Staff-Paymaster Joseph T. Gedge, R.N., who was killed on 6th August, 1914, when H.M.S. Amphion was sunk by a mine, and who was the first British Officer of all the fighting services to be killed during the 1914-18 war. The Gedge family consented to the use of the name.

The medal and prize was to be awarded annually to the Officer who has passed the examination for the rank of Lieut.(S) at the first attempt and has obtained the highest aggregate of the total maximum marks in these examinations during the current calendar year. Officers granted permanent commissions front the Lower Deck are also eligible for the award. In the event of two or more officers obtaining the same number of marks, the award will be made to the officer who obtains the higher total of marks in the papers " Secretarial and General Work " and " Pay and Cash " combined.

Officers of the Commonwealth Navies who compete at the same examinations as officers of the Royal Navy, will be eligible for the award.


Officers who received it were denoted by a suffix of [GM] next to their name in the Navy List.

Year Recipient Notes
YEAR Henry Herbert Lyttleton Shewell
YEAR John Garfield Bennett
YEAR Alexander Walter Richards
YEAR Arthur George David Davidson
YEAR James Wallace Maulden
YEAR John Charles
YEAR Basil Kenneth Freedman
YEAR Thomas Charles Sherwin
YEAR Albert Kenneth David Edmunds
YEAR Arthur Brooke Webb
YEAR Peter White
YEAR Peter Derek de Lapere Allen
YEAR Michael Murray
YEAR Walter Cecil Foster Grant-Dalton

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