Francis Herbert Heaveningham Goodhart

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Commander Francis H. H. Goodhart.

Commander Francis Herbert Heaveningham Goodhart, A.M., D.S.O., Royal Navy (10 July, 1884 – 30 January, 1917) was an officer of the Royal Navy.


Born in Bierlow, the son of Reverend C. A. Goodhart, Francis Goodhart gained four months' time on passing out of Britannia.

Goodhart was appointed as captain of the submarine D 3 on 15 October, 1912.[1]

Goodhart was awarded the Cross of St. George by Tsar Nicholas II for his role in sinking the armoured cruiser Prinz Adalbert while in command of E 8 on 23 October, 1915.

Goodhart died in a diving accident while on loan to the submarine K 13 on 29 January, 1917 as he was awaiting his own K 14 to be completed. He attempted to escape the sunken submarine along with her captain, Godfrey Herbert, but failed to escape the conning tower where his body was later discovered.

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