Erebus Class Monitor (1916)

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Overview of 2 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Erebus 1916
Terror 1916


The ships were armed as follows.[1]

As built:

  • two 15-in B.L.
  • two 12-pdr 18 cwt Q.F. guns
  • two 3-in H.A.
  • two pom-poms
  • two 6-in Q.F.

In November 1918:

  • two 15-in B.L.
  • eight 4-in B.L. Mark IX on C.P. I 30 degree mountings
  • two 12-pdr 18 cwt Q.F. guns
  • two 3-in H.A.
  • two pom-poms

See Also


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