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The Committee on Engineer and Marine Officers was a committee appointed in 1906 under the presidency of Admiral Sir Archibald L. Douglas to consider the status of officers of the Engineer Branch and Royal Marines following the introduction of the system of common entry of naval officers. The separate reports were issued in February, 1907. For reasons of convenience the committee will be referred to as the Douglas Committee after its president.

Terms of Reference

The policy of common entry and common training for all Officers up to the rank of Lieutenant having been established, to consider:—

(I.) As regards the present Engineer Officers, whether any injustice exists in regard to their position, pay, promotion or retirement; and whether it is desirable, and if so, to what extent, to delegate to them any additional functions, having regard to the introduction of the new-system officers now under training;

(II.) As regards the Royal Marines, in what details, if any, further action is now required to give full effect to the policy of the Board of Admiralty, as indicated in the Reports and Statements hitherto officially made.

Separate reports should be forwarded as regards:—

I. Engineer Officers.

II. Officers of the Royal Marines.

16th November 1906.

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