Deptford Royal Dockyard

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Deptford was building warships on the Thames from its founding in 1513.


The London location on the Thames immediately west of Deptford Creek made Deptford an increasingly difficult place from which to deliver a large warship. The Dockyard was closed in 1869, leaving only a victualling establishment, which would operate for another century.

Admirals Superintendent of Deptford Dockyard

Dates of appointment given:

Captains of the Dockyard

Dates of appointment given:


Ship Type Launched Fate
H.M.S. Niobe wooden screw sloop 31 May, 1866 Wrecked 1874
H.M.S. Nymphe wooden screw sloop 24 Nov, 1866 Sold 1882
H.M.S. Druid corvette 13 Mar, 1869 Sold 1886


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