Crescent Shipyard

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Crescent Shipyard was an American shipbuilding company with a dockyard at Elizabeth, New Jersey. It was founded in 1895 as a partnership between a British citizen and the American naval archiect, Lewis Nixon Shipyard.


Ship Type Launched Fate
U.S.S. Holland submarine 17 May, 1897 Sold Jun, 1913
U.S.S. Adder submarine 22 Jul, 1901
U.S.S. Moccasin submarine 20 Aug, 1901
U.S.S. Porpoise submarine 23 Sep, 1901
U.S.S. Shark submarine 19 Oct, 1901
U.S.S. Plunger submarine 1 Feb, 1902 Sold 1922
U.S.S. Chattanooga protected cruiser 7 Mar, 1903 Sold 8 Mar, 1930


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