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Italy's three Conte di Cavour class dreadnoughts were delivered in 1914-15 – successors to the nation's first dreadnought-type ship, Dante Alighieri. One would be lost to Austro-Hungarian sabotage at anchor in Taranto harbour during the war.

The class introduced super-firing turrets to the Italian navy, positioning two of the five turrets as twins firing over triples, fore and aft, with another triple amidships.

Overview of 3 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Conte di Cavour La Spezia Arsenale 10 Aug, 1910 10 Aug, 1911 Sunk 12 Nov, 1940
Giulio Cesare Giovanni Ansaldo & Company, Genoa 24 Jun, 1910 15 Oct, 1911 14 May, 1914 Transferred 1948
Leonardo da Vinci Cantieri Navali Odero, Setri Ponente 18 Jul, 1910 14 Oct, 1911 Sunk 2 Aug, 1916


The ships had a peculiarly tall barbette under the super-firing "B" turret which must have come at great cost to the design in terms of weight.


Main Battery

Secondary Battery


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