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Lieutenant-Commander Charles Pleydell Mansel (7 February, 1873 – 26 March, 1915) served in the Royal Navy. He appears to have been a fragile personality or to be mentally disturbed, dying of a nervous breakdown at sea during the war.

Life & Career

Mansel spoke French and was a good gymnast.

Mansel was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in June, 1895.

Mansel was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander on 30 June, 1903.[1]

On 22 April, 1909, Mansel was appointed as first officer in Trafalgar. In 1910, Captain Pears noted that his first officer was "rather slow in thought & action". Later that year, Captain Kennedy of the battleship Glory, where Mansel had been appointed on 6 September, noted that Mansel was "not in cd on a/c of lack of good memory."

On 28 October, 1910, Mansel was appointed to Dungeness for Coast Guard duty. He remained there until being appointed as 1st officer in the armed merchant cruiser Celtic on 31 October, 1914 and died at sea, 300km south of Togo, of a nervous breakdown.

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