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Admiral Charles Lister Oxley, Royal Navy (17 October, 1841 – 21 July, 1920) was an officer of the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Promoted to Lieutenant with seniority of 7 November, 1861, Oxley obtained a first class certificate in gunnery on 30 August, 1864.

Oxley was appointed to the corvette Wolverine for gunnery duties on 29 August, 1865.

On 17 November, 1865, the Board expressed its approval of Oxley's "active, energetic & zealous conduct while employed in the suppression of the Rebellion of the Blacks in Jamaica", following praise by Captain de Horsey. However, something must have gone seriously wrong, as another notation in his record reads, "Adml Hope reporting he has severely condemned his irregular conduct in Jamaica [illeg] not consider even the marked professional ability & zeal any excuse for conduct of this kind." This might be a reference to widespread flogging of civilians mentioned in historical accounts of the rebellion.

In March 1866 the Foreign Office praised Oxley's conduct on the occasion of the [illeg] of an Emigrant Ship. In July, Oxley received high praise for his military conduct in Jamaica but Admiral Hope's view of the irregularity of Oxley's conduct was concurred with.

On 11 February, 1868 a Court Martial reprimanded Oxley for an incident in which a coal lighter was swamped and three lives were lost.

In accordance with the provisions of the Order in Council of 5 February, 1872, Oxley was promoted to the rank of Commander with seniority of 6 February of that year.[1]

Oxley was promoted to the rank of Captain on 31 October, 1879.[2]

Oxley was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral on 1 January, 1895.[3]

Oxley was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral on 1 January, 1901.[4] He was promoted to the rank of Admiral on 16 June, 1904, vice Kerr.[5] In accordance with the provisions of the Order in Council of 22 February, 1870, he was placed on the Retired List on 17 October, 1906.[6]


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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Alfred T. Dale
Captain of H.M.S. Conquest
3 Jul, 1885[7] – 1 Feb, 1889
Succeeded by
William H. Henderson
Preceded by
Charles S. Cardale
Captain of H.M.S. Agamemnon
6 Aug, 1890[8] – 14 Aug, 1891
Succeeded by
Charles Johnstone
Preceded by
Sacheverel C. Darwin
Captain of H.M.S. Swiftsure
14 Aug, 1891[9] – 4 Dec, 1893
Succeeded by
Preceded by
New Command
Second-in-Command, China Station
7 May, 1896[10] – 27 Oct, 1897
Succeeded by
Charles C. P. FitzGerald


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