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Torpedoes manufactured by the Whitehead company at their original Fiume factory (now Rijeka, Croatia) were usually dubbed Fiume torpedoes by the Royal Navy, one of their users.

Other Whitehead torpedoes were constructed at the company's facilities in Weymouth, which opened in 1892.


In 1916, the company was marking torpedoes as follows.[1]

  1. Torpedo is marked with a serial number meaning the number of the torpedo turned out of the Fiume factory irrespective of its destination, and with the [scripted] initials R.W. = Robert Whitehead
  2. Torpedo is marked with an initial representing the country from whom the order for the torpedo was received, a number under the initial denoting the number of the order from that country.
  3. The above initial is that of the Italian name of the country, namely :— BR. = Brazil, C. = Chile, CH. = China, D. = Denmark, F. = France, G. = Germany, IT. = Italy, O. = Holland, P. = Portugal

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