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At least some of the entrants to Royal Naval College, Dartmouth's September 1905 intake term were newly entering the Navy and were directed to Dartmouth (rather than Britannia or Royal Naval College, Osborne) by virtue of the transition to the new system of training naval cadets. This page is intended to only catalogue those new entrants to the Navy.

The following candidates obtained the thirty-three places following competitive examinations starting on 11 July, presented here in order of merit.[1]

  1. Arthur Francis Eric Palliser
  2. Arthur Edgar Buckland
  3. Valentine Douglas Hirst
  4. Edward John Wilson Haydon
  5. Ambrose Northorp Lee
  6. Arnold John Miley
  7. Gerald Thurstan Cole Collins
  8. Christopher Paul Satow
  9. Valentine Maurice Wyndham-Quin
  10. Basil Drummond Ash
  11. Robin Bruce Martin
  12. Thomas Frederick Fenton Livingstone
  13. James William Rivett-Carnac
  14. John Prescott Burton
  15. James Christopher Francis Lewis and Joseph Ruscombe Wadham Smyth-Pigott
  16. above two tied
  17. Francis John Lambert
  18. David Wardlaw-Ramsay
  19. Hugh Alan Colville Dick
  20. Geoffrey Clement Cooke
  21. Edward John Price
  22. Cuthbert Coppinger
  23. George Francis Locke Marx
  24. Edward Penry Thomas
  25. C. H. Loveday (not found at TNA)
  26. Guy Beresford Howard Francis
  27. Douglas Hyde Thomson
  28. William Stanford MacIIwaine
  29. Rochford Yerburgh Loveband
  30. Kenneth Francis Dyke Acland
  31. L. G. Hawker (not found at TNA)
  32. James Angus Douglas-Hamilton
  33. William George Sitwell

Three men passed as Service Candidates:

  1. Frank Devereux Hickman
  2. Douglas Blake Fisher
  3. William Charles Hicks

and A. MacD. Garlick pass as a Colonial Candidate.

Unmentioned in the article, the Service Records of these men suggest they also belonged to this term:

  1. Cecil John L'Estrange-Malone
  2. William Archibald Compton Salmond

I have removed Jack Sauzer Hoffmann, as he entered from Conway.


  1. "Cadetships in the Royal Navy." The Times (London, England), 11 August, 1905, p. 8.

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