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Following competitive examinations, the following candidates were awarded Naval Cadetships, listed here in order of merit. I presume this was that second odd term of new cadets who were admitted directly to the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth as the Navy transitioned to the new scheme of education.[1][Fact Check]

The source article did not contain information on prior schooling.

  1. Rupert Thomas Gould
  2. Henry Edward Horan
  3. Rupert George William Ord
  4. James Francis Paget
  5. Francis Beversham Hanson
  6. Denis William Boyd
  7. Oliver Richard Wace
  8. Austen Gerald Lilley
  9. Bertie Cecil Porter
  10. Hubert Pike
  11. Tristram Fox
  12. Casper Vashon Baker
  13. Roy Buchanan Wilson
  14. John Hely Owen
  15. Kenneth Gordon Ramsey
  16. Charles Wilfrid Lindley Meynell
  17. Maxwell Alexander Christian Ritter
  18. Alexander Claud Garden Brown
  19. George Vivian Sivewright
  20. John Cracroft-Amcotts
  21. Walter Francis Preedy
  22. Henry Courtenay Carlyon-Britton
  23. Ralph George Hamilton Izat
  24. Frederick Charles Bottomley
  25. Frederick Thurston Stringer
  26. Godfrey Colfox Chichester Crookshank and Ernest Downes Panter
  27. above two tied
  28. Humphrey Ranale Bennett
  29. Alan Gordon Grierson
  30. John Mitchel McClellan Crosbie

Additionally, the Service Record for Francis Theodor Hare indicates that he went to Britannia, which I presume means that he went in this term, too, as the other men above all have this designation.

The article also says that Henry Clarmont Phillips won a Service Cadetship and that a man named R. A. F. Montanaro qualified for a Colonial Cadetship, but I cannot find him in The National Archives.


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