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The "CatShip" templates are to be used in the footer of articles in Category:Ship. Each requiers a single parameter expressing a two-letter nation code for the ship's nationality. In cases of ships having more than a single nationality, a second parameter can be provided. For instance, Retvizan (1900) should have {{CatShipPreDreadnought|RU|JP}} in its footer, to reflect the fact that the ship saw service in the navies of both Russia and Japan.

The templates add the article including them into the proper categories for ships of the type indicated in the template name. For instance, a ship article including {{CatShipDreadnought|UK}} is added to the following categories:

  • Ship
  • Capital Ship
  • Battleship
  • Dreadnought
  • Ship (UK)
  • Capital Ship (UK)
  • Battleship (UK)
  • Dreadnought (UK)

These various categories allow the sometimes arbitrary distinctions of various eras to be dealt with gently. For instance a CatShipLightCruiser and CatShipThirdClassProtectedCruiser each add their including article to Category:Small Cruiser, as the two types of vessel have quite a bit in common despite their dissimilar nomenclature.

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