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Commander (retired) Brereton Ross Hooper (11 October, 1897 – 10 January, 1943) was an officer in the Royal Navy.

Life & Career

Served in Doris, Valiant and Inflexible during the war before taking a course in submarines on 9 July 1917.

Hooper was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 15 June, 1918. It had been adjusted from September 1918.

Hooper was appointed in command of the submarine L 25 on 1 June, 1920.[1]

In 1932, the Commander-in-Chief, China requested that Hooper be relieved in command of Olympus in light of his mismanagement of financial matters.

Retired at his own request on 24 September, 1923, Hooper was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander (retired) on 15 June, 1926.

World War II

Hooper was promoted to the rank of Commander on 14 December, 1942.

He died during the war, but I am not sure whether his death was related to naval matters or disease.

See Also

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