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Four Bayern class super-dreadnoughts were planned for the Imperial German Navy but only two were completed.

Overview of 4 vessels
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Name Builder Laid Down Launched Completed Fate
Baden Schichau-Werke, Danzig Dec, 1913 30 Oct, 1915 14 Mar, 1917 Target Aug, 1921
Bayern Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, Kiel Aug, 1913 18 Feb, 1915 15 Jul, 1916 Scuttled 21 Jun, 1919
Sachsen Germaniawerft, Kiel Apr, 1914 21 Nov, 1916 1921
Württemberg AG Vulcan Stettin, Hamburg Jan, 1915 20 Jun, 1917 Scrapped 1921



  • one submerged tube forward
  • two submerged broadside tubes aft, angled forward 22 degrees

When the British examined the ship, they discovered that all three tubes were of different design. The forward submerged flat had apparently been quite large before the ship was mined. After, this flat was divided into many small store rooms. The forward tube was end-loaded using a long tray.

The aft flat was fully 17 feet high. The starboard broadside tube was longer than the port one, and a complete side loader. The port tube had a rear door and small 4 foot rammer. External angling gear was fitted, but many parts of this gear were missing when examined. Apparently, gyro angles could range from 30 degrees forward of the tube and 60 degrees aft. An electric gyro angle receiver and reply was alongside. There was storage for a total of thirteen torpedoes plus the two in the tubes. The tubes could be fired and controlled from fore and aft conning towers and also from No. 1 and 3 casemates, each side.[1]

Fire Control

The British inspected Baden and Bayern after the Armistice. Their reports[2] contained the following information.

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