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Arthur Herbert Day (9 September, 1868 – 23 April, 1926) was an officer of the Connecticut Naval Militia. He was called up for temporary service in the United States Navy during the Spanish-American War.

Life & Career

Day graduated from the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University in 1889.[1]

Under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved on 4 May, 1898, Day was among several officers from various state naval militias called to active service. He was appointed to the rank of Lieutenant on 22 June, 1898 "to serve during the continuance of the exigency under which their services are required in the existing war". Lieutenant Day was given command of the armed yacht Restless on the same day.[2]

By 1908 Day was working at the National Pipe Bending Company in New Haven.[3]

In a 1920 alumni directory for Yale University, Day was listed as contactable "care" the National Pipe Bending Company.[4]

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Service Records

Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Arthur W. Dodd
Captain of U.S.S. Restless
22 Jun, 1898[5] – 1 Sep, 1898[Inference]
Succeeded by
John F. Marshall, Jr.


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