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Lieutenant-Commander R.N.R. Angus Alexander Mackenzie, R.D. (9 January, 1905 – 1975) served in the Royal Naval Reserve.

Life & Career

Mackenzie was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant R.N.R. on 25 September, 1934.[1]

Mackenzie served in Whitshed immediately before the war and then in the Modified "W" Class destroyer H.M.S. Venomous from 18 April, 1940.

Mackenzie was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Commander R.N.R. on 23 September, 1941.[2]

On Mackenzie's 37th birthday, the 9 January 1942, Vimiera was lost to a mine in the Thames estuary while escorting a convoy to Sheerness.

Mackenzie valued his naval service at least to the degree that he commissioned some fine paintings of his various ships after the war.[3]

He retired on 9 January, 1950.[4]

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Naval Appointments
Preceded by
Roger B. N. Hicks
Captain of H.M.S. Vimiera
26 Feb, 1941 – 9 Jan, 1942
Succeeded by
Vessel Lost


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