18-in Mark III Torpedo (UK)

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The 18-in R.G.F. Mark III Torpedo was a British torpedo developed at the Royal Gun Factory in 1894.[Fact Check]

It may have been built in both long and short versions, but the short version is not clear.

Mark III

It carried a charge of 170 pounds, 15 ounces – about 18 punds less than the Mark II torpedo.[1]

In 1895, 56 were in service.

Manufacture and Use


In 60 degree water, 18-in H.B. torpedoes of Mark I* through IV were approved for the setting of 1,500 yards at 20.25 +/- 0.25 knots at 1,400 pounds pressure. The S.L.L.R. torpedoes of the same Marks did at 21.75 knots to 1,500 yards and the S.L.S.R. models 25.25 knots at 1,350 pounds pressure.[2]


12 of just 40 remaining torpedoes were broken up in 1918.[3]


In 1919, it was approved to break up all 18-in R.G.F. torpedoes Mark I* to Mark III.[4]


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