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About the UC 5

The ill-fated UC 5, a member of the Flanders Flotilla, ran aground on Shipwash Sand on 27 April 1916. Unable to refloat his boat, the commander, K/Lt Mohrbutter destroyed his logs, war diary, signal books and navigation charts, then tried to blow up the boat with demolition charges. These failed to destroy the boat however, and after inflicting as much damage as possible to the boat’s mechanical systems and radio with pistol shots and spanner blows, the crew abandoned ship when the destroyer H.M.S. FIREDRAKE appeared on the scene. With the crew rescued, the boat was refloated, towed to Harwich, dry docked and examined by Royal Navy engineers, submariners and intelligence specialists.

Subsequently, the UC 5 was repaired to the extent necessary to travel around the UK as a fund-raising attraction, and it eventually journeyed to the United States for a war bond tour. The last known photograph was taken in the US, and the boat presumably found its way into an American scrap yard.

Royal Navy Intelligence Documents

Tom Koehl prepared the following documents and I am simply posting them online.

Description of UC 5 as Captured

Translated Operating Manual for UC 1 to UC 10