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SMS Elster, 1888

Model by Markus Brenner


Elster was a 1st Class Torpedo Boat built in Germany's Schichau yards for Austria Hungary. She was a unit in the 4th batch of construction, a batch that included sister ships Kukuk, Star, Krahe, and Rabe.
Displacement:78 tons
Length:39.8 meters
Beam:4.8 meters
Power:1000 HP (??)
Speed:21.23 knots
Torpedoes: 1 35cm bow tube
1 35cm M1889 centerline aft
Guns:2 37mm L23 SFK quick firers
Crew: 2 + 14 in peace
2 + 16 in war

Sisters: Sperber, Habicht, Bussard, Condor, Geier, Uhu, Wurger, Kranich, Reiher, Ibis, Gaukler, Harpie, Flamingo, Secretar, Weihe, Marabu, Kukuk, Star, Krahe, Rabe, Kibitz

Launched September 19, 1888, reached Pola February 7, 1889. Blockaded Crete 1897, collided with Rabe in 1901, collided with rock and sank in 2 meters of water in 1902. Torpedo school 1907, and fitted with a Yarrow boiler 1909 which gave her 2 funnels and 2 masts. Renamed "24" in 1910. Converted to oil firing in 1911. Rammed by steamer 1914 and converted to a minesweeper in 1918. Transferred to Italy in 1920 and stricken in 1925.

Elster's near sister Gaukler (who was part of the very similar third batch of construction).