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Gaming links
The mother of all subsim websites.

Naval warfare gaming site. The team run their own naval gaming and
moding projects. Pretty realist stuff they make, i loved their mods.

Links to other indi projects

Sub Wars Pacific War Patrol
This is Mike 'Red Oktober' Hense's Project from where i got most of my inspiration form.

The Dreadnought Project
You must see the models and the Videos with this fantastic
recreation of the aiming and target tracking devices.

The VIIC Projekt
Leif's very interesting hobby project about the type VIIC U-Boat that also gave me a lot of inspiration.

Rohr 1... Loss!!!
Another VIIC U-Boat project. Unfortunately the development will propable not be continued.

Interesting historcal Links
What can i say, one of the best sites.
Bismark project. One of the best models i'v ever seen.
(The site seem to have disapeared. Know someone where it is now ?)

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