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ADM 186/667

Handbook of Signalling


Repository Document ID Pages Dimensions Plates
TNA ADM 186/667 154

10cm x 16cm


I have an actual copy of this small green handbook.  Mine is marked "USS Pennsylvania" and "CinC #6" in pencil in the inside jacket.  The USS Pennsylvania did not venture over to join the Grand Fleet as part of the US's 6th Battle Squadron, but I'd welcome any interpretation of these jottings.

The book is handy and varied in content.  Some portions of it (notably, the wireless telegraphy portion) appear to have little actual bearing on military application for the fleet, being prized from Post Office practice boilerplate.  The section on W/T use between army and navy seems more on the money.

One curiosity is an inserted and separate card with color images of RN flags and pendants, special Morse characters extending the alphabet, and a sheet with semaphore positions and the basic Morse alphabet.  This is rubber stamped "Operations-Aviation Planning and Information Section" and hand-labelled "Stencil #141" on reverse.

There is no table of contents or index, as such, but I've noted the main sections below


Chapter I. -- Semaphore 3
Chapter II. -- Use of the Morse code 12
Chapter III. -- Flag Waving 14
Chapter IV. -- Heliograph 17
Chapter V. -- Instructions for Use of the Telegraph 26
Chapter VI. -- Signalling Between Navy and Army 46
Chapter VII. -- Organisation of Signal Department 73
Chapter VIII. -- Hints to Signalmen 79
Chapter IX. -- Flashing Lamps 92
Chapter X.

-- Signal Stores

Chapter XI. -- Care of Stores 103
Chapter XII. -- Standards and Distinctive Flags 106
Chapter XIII. -- Instructions for flying Ensign, Union Flag, &c 109
Chapter XIV. -- Salutes to Flags Flown by Flag Officers and Commodores 114
Chapter XV. -- Notes to Gun Salutes 115
Chapter XVI. -- Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 122
Chapter XVII. -- Special Navigational Lights and Signals 148


I Flags and Pendants Used in Naval Signalling (2 pages, color)
II Substitutes (color)
III Flags and Pendants Used in the International Code  (color)
IV Ensigns, Admirals' Flags, &c (of Various Nations, 10 pages, color)
V Special Badges in Flags Flown by Various Officials (6 pages, b/w)
VI House Flags and Funnel (British and Foreign, 5 pages, color)
VII Semaphore Signs and Significations (b/w)
Heliograph (b/w)
IX Heliograph (b/w)
X Relative Ranks, &c (Shoulder Badges, 3 pages, b/w)
XI Distinction Lace Worn by Naval Officers (Cuffs and Epaulets, 2 pages, b/w)_
XII Distinction Lace Worn by Military Officers (meaning "Army"?, b/w)_


I Signs to be used with the Morse code (4 pages)
II Abbreviated Titles, &c (3 pages)
III Standards of Knowledge
IV Logs, Returns and Forms Supplied
V Pattern Numbers of Signal Flags and Pendants
VI Table of Gun Salutes (foldout to triple width)
VII Lights Carried by Vessels (1 page b/w with 1 page color Plate)